Antytila Live in Concert: Supporting Ukrainian Freedom

Antytila Post Philadelphia

This event has concluded, but don’t worry if you missed it! You can explore our upcoming events on the Events page of our website.

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We are thrilled to invite you to a very special event featuring the internationally acclaimed Ukrainian band, ANTYTILA. Join us for a night of electrifying music and unwavering solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

About Antytila

ANTYTILA is more than just a musical phenomenon; they are fervent fighters for Ukrainian freedom and human rights. Their remarkable journey includes collaborating with music legends like Bono and The Edge from “U2” and Ed Sheeran.

In these challenging times, ANTYTILA has taken up arms alongside millions of Ukrainians, standing strong in defense of their homeland. This concert is not just about music; it’s a tribute to their courage and a fundraiser for essential causes.

Event Details

Why Attend

  • Experience ANTYTILA’s captivating live performance
  • Show your support for Ukraine’s brave soldiers and humanitarian aid efforts
  • Contribute to making a difference in the ongoing crisis