Insomnia – February 16, 2024

Insomnia February 16th 2024 at Golden Gates Restaurant in Philadelphia

Get ready for an unforgettable evening at Golden Gates Restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia this Friday, February 16. Insomnia, an exceptional event blending theatrical performance and the energy of a nightclub, welcomes you as part of its Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza.

This event has concluded, but don’t worry if you missed it! You can explore our upcoming events on the Events page of our website.

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Interactive and Engaging Entertainment

Insomnia offers more than your typical night out. It’s an interactive experience where artists and performers, including DJ Arthur and the talented Cunio, engage directly with you in a unique, lounge-like setting. It’s where the boundary between performer and audience blurs, creating an intimate and immersive atmosphere.

A Line-Up That Spells Enchantment

The evening features a stellar line-up. DJ Arthur will set the tempo with his mesmerizing beats, while Cunio’s aerial elegance will captivate your senses. The allure of Syn Sultress and Apathy Angel, each known for their burlesque and contortion talents, will add a tantalizing touch to the night.

Why Insomnia is the Must-Attend Event of the Season

Insomnia is not just an evening out; it’s a fusion of art, music, theatrical performance, and culinary delight that redefines Philadelphia’s nightlife. Amidst the captivating performances and rhythmic beats, savor the exquisite flavors crafted by our renowned chef.

Whether you’re here for the love of music, the thrill of the performances, or the allure of gourmet delights, Insomnia is the perfect destination for those looking to celebrate love and passion during Valentine’s Weekend.

Event Details

Join Us for a Night to Remember

Mark your calendar for a night where love, entertainment, and art converge in a spectacular fashion. Insomnia at Golden Gates Restaurant isn’t just an event; it’s where unforgettable memories are born. Secure your spot today and be part of something extraordinary.

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